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Update by user Nov 20, 2015

For an update see the comments below. That sums it up.

I will never get what I paid for let alone a refund. Even though I have a witness. But there is a long comment explaining this bs all over again. I have many other pagan shops I can shop at.

I don't need or deserve this drama.

And I know of other people suffering the same drama.


Original review posted by user Nov 05, 2015

I am so done with these people! I advise that you NEVER order from them.

Yeah, I love the products and things but it is not worth it! I am beyond pissed off at this so called business. I have made 3 orders with them. The first order went fine and great and took a month.

That isn’t too bad. I understand that witchy products take time to make and ship. but 5 MONTHS? really.

As for the 2nd and 3rd order. WOW.

I made them on the same night which I guess was too much for them. After 3-4 MONTHS I emailed multiple times about it and the woman finally responded to fix order #2. I was told she sent both orders which she didn’t.

Even on the old website the 3rd order was still “awaiting shipment” . Now they made a new website that made me make a new account so EVERYTHING is gone. Luckily I took snapshots back when I ordered it! Over 5 MONTHS I have sent probably well over a DOZEN emails.

I even included snapshots of the order info. NOT ONE response to any of them. I used multiple email addresses I found for E.W. AND since they are constantly on Facebook (selling people *** there too BTW) they saw my 2 Facebook messages almost immediately and couldn’t even have the common courtesy to respond with at least one word!

I spent $39 on 2 little Salves that I apparently will never see. I find that ridiculous! Their customer service is ATROCIOUS. They are constantly posting on Facebook or going out of town for events and things instead of getting their *** together.

Basically stealing everyone’s money and not caring whether or not they get the expensive things they ordered. On top of that they are just rude and disrespectful towards their own customers for the severe lack of response. I suppose they are waiting till it is too late to make a dispute on PayPal since you only get 6 months after purchase. Well Guess What.

It has almost been 6 months and I opened a dispute a couple days ago. And STILL NO RESPONSE. Fine. A claim it is!

How are you going to *** over your customers like that??? I mean really… Beautifully wrapped packages and throwing in extras as an apology doesn’t make up for this ***.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of enchanted witchery healing time salve from Enchanted Witchery and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $39 and wants Enchanted Witchery to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service, no delivery, no response and no refund. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Enchanted Witchery for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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1. Your 1st complaint with PayPal was made on

11/3/2015 11:13 PST, you stated you never received your package.

You were issued a tracking number through Paypal from USPS, which is 9114999944314865753252 when this number is tracked through the USPS system it is showing that the package was indeed delivered to your door on August 14, 2015 , 11:54 am a full 2 1/2 months before you filed a complaint of non delivery.

2. Paypal closed the case in our favor noting that the package was delivered 2 1/2 months ago.

3. On 11/19/2015 13:34 PST (today) you reopened the case stating that your order was not as described.

"Nov 19, 2015 - Buyer: Item Not Received case switched to Significantly Not As Described case"

After waiting 2 1/2 months from confirmed delivery which is it?

You never received your product or it was not as described? On 11/19/ 2015 9:30pm Paypal again has closed the case in our favor after sufficient proof was provided that the package was delivered & received. Please be advised you have used copyrighted photo's which belong to our company in your false statements here. You do not have express written permission to do so here or else where.

By doing so you are in direct violation of copyright infringement. If you do not immediately remove our photo's & your false statements legal actions will be taken.

to Anonymous #1066712

When I appealed this case it was set to that "not as described"

to VicBurn #1066715

Please be advised you have used copyrighted photo's which belong to our company in your false statements here. You do not have express written permission to do so here or else where.

By doing so you are in direct violation of copyright infringement. If you do not immediately remove our photo's & your false statements legal actions will be taken.

to Anonymous #1066745

Public fair use laws state that I indeed have a right to post these photos in a review as I am making no profit, it is in the public's best interest to know of your shady business tactics, and the statements I have put forth regarding the order in question are true. The order tracking # given by you to PayPal was for an order placed same-day but not the order in question.

Two confirmation emails were sent to my inbox, 1 regarding the order you referenced, the other for the disputed order which there is now minimal trace of due to you shutting down your old website and creating a new one like nothing happened, thus deleting all the condemning purchase history it contained. The second order was never shipped, never arrived, and you are committing internet sales fraud! I know I'm not the only one that you have ripped off as I have had contact with others. If you continue with your threats, *** business practice, and poor customer service you will likely face a class action lawsuit.

I find it more than a little interesting that you spend more time trying to protect your image than actually providing the products that were paid for in good faith prior to shipment. You can reply to this site within seconds but my phone calls, emails, & Facebook messages go seen but unanswered.

You may have copyrights on the photos, but there is a certain place with things that look quite similar (read: THE SAME) with a warning that their product designs have been stolen before.

I find myself wondering if you have any affiliation with this other company or if they are aware of your "copyrights". You should probably look into that if someone is ACTUALLY infringing on your copyrights instead of harassing a customer with a valid grievance.

to VicBurn #1066910

Be sure they have pending proof of copyright infringement just bc they take a pic does not automatically make it copywriten material. This is a nice intimidation ploy but a attempt that is no more then a last resort. Best of luck vic sorry you are going thru this with this so called company.

to Anonymous #1066713

ALSO the website asked me to put photos of what I ordered


Wait, you ordered 2 more times? I have some scented candles you might like.

to Anonymous #1059933

No. The two orders were at the same time.

They failed to send everything. My very first order went pretty fine.

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